Mission statement

JAHI’s mission is to enable sustainable maritime service by designing and building autonomous eco-friendly ships.


JAHI designs and builds electric propulsion vessels, LNG-propulsion/bunkering vessels, tankers, tugboats, barges, yachts, and other special vessels under 10,000 DWT.


Over 40 years of shipbuilding expertise of our management, JAHI manages financial stability, manages the safety of production, provides customers with on-time-delivery and high-quality output, and takes the lead in protecting the environment for our sustainable future.



JAHI is located in Daebul National Industrial Complex, which is one of the major cluster for Korean shipbuilding industry. The location is convenient for launching ships and for obtaining various shipbuilding resources.



* HSE:  Health, Safety, Environment

Joong-Ang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.  195, Daebulsandan 1-ro, Samho-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeonnam, South Korea       T +82-61-462-0051  |  F +82-61-462-0055  |  E customer@jahi.kr